hospital in Burundi
    achievement a Hospital in Burundi
association act 1901
                                                                                                   Of the experts volunteers  
advise, attend and follow-up on associations and doctors
wanting to develop a project
clinics , imaging or dialysis
in the country
in the process of development
CT scanner installation  in Armenia
project abidjan
training technicians maintenance

 hospitals ,care centers , imaging.
we will assist in:
-the studies architectural

-the construction
-the monitoring of the work
-the equipment of the unit:
radiology , anesthesia.resuscitation , blocks surgical , dialysis , sterilization , laboratory , pharmacy , furniture

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scanner ge
scanner installed in cuba
training of technicians

 medical equipments new or used

We put you in touch with companies reliable working at international level can you equip from MRI to syringe pump .
 We will be volonteert in your purchases and installations
dialysis centers-turn key

access logistics:
parts spare scanners Siemens Philips
scanner revised
realized by CLINIFIT
donations leg  accession

assistance logistics
warehouse spare parts: Siemens  Philips

Partner with CLINIFIT
attainment hospitals modular

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in the framework of aid to developing countries FranceRadiologie.com has selected and negotiated a table of radiology fully scanned has 73 500 euros HT
linkelink twitter Directory associations - Humanitarian explanatory sheets on the Gifts

We thank the company  BRA service  Hardware store and Industrial Supplies for his help